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The research group Sustainability in Energy, Machinery and Buildings, SEMB is a consolidated research group of the University of Lleida. It is integrated by researchers of multidisciplinary profiles in the fields of Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Agro Engineering and the Architecture.

The SEMB group focuses the research efforts on four different sections or areas, but with possible fields of interaction. The areas are:

SEMB is constituted by 9 full-time professors of the Superior Polytechnical School (Escola Politècnica Superior, EPS) of the University of Lleida, in addition to predoctorals and postdoctoral researchers who can incorporate to the dynamics of the group. The group combines the experience of several senior researchers with the enthusiasm and dynamism of junior researchers. The origins of the group trace back by the year 1999, when the professor Joan Roca co-found a research group in Energy and Agro-industrial Machinery, integrated by a group of professors in the former degree of Industrial Technical Engineering, Mechanical Speciality.  The most senior researchers of the group accumulate more than 20 years of expertise in research.